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Fay Grim Pirated!

In somewhat exciting news, Fay Grim is available for illegal download from the usual places that people get those sorts of things. I’m not going to link to any sites because I don’t want to encourage any more people to take money out of the producers’ pockets, but I am happy to see that there […]

First Impressions on Netflix Instant Watching

When I logged into Netflix today I saw a “Watch Now” tab that got me excited. I had heard about their plans to stream movies over the Internet, and I knew that they would have The Girl From Monday available as part of the service. So I decided to check it out while running Firefox […]

The Pizzamen

When I was in high school, my friend Taj Musco made a movie called The Pizzaman. He asked me to play a series of pizza delivery boys who are brutally murdered by a pizzacutter-wielding psycho. We first met at the Mount Wachusett Community College Summer Drama Camp when we were 8 years old, so he […]

Fay Grim Trailer on Apple!

The official Fay Grim trailer is now available on Apple Trailers. It’s a lot like the one I made for festival promotion, but it’s more professional and fancy. My festival trailer will be included on the DVD, which I’m really happy about. It’s one of my favorite pieces of editing. The DVD includes a 17 […]

Me in the News

Digital Content Producer wrote an article about HD movies at Sundance last month and I just stumbled across it online while actually searching for the other Kyle Gilman who plays baseball and enjoys “Second Life.” The author interviewed me via email and I had a lot to say about HD. Much of it shows up […]

24p Headaches

I got an email from my old friend Mr. Taj Musco last week. I made my first real movie “Is This the Pizzaman?” with Taj after my freshman year of college. It was shot on S-VHS and edited tape-to-tape at our local cable access facility. Taj was having trouble with some footage he shot in […]

In Which Our Author Enters a New World

Today I finally took the plunge into HD TV. I’ve edited two HD movies, one was shot at 1080p24 and edited offline in SD DV, and currently I’m working on a project that was shot on the HVX-200 at 720p24 which I’m actually editing in HD (With absolutely no trouble! Thanks Hackintosh!) I’ve had progressive-scan […]

Fay Grim Poster

While we were doing the online edit for Fay Grim, we got word that the sales agent wanted to make a poster for the Toronto Film Festival and it needed to be done like yesterday. Hal and I took half an hour and mocked up something we liked, assuming the people who actually knew how […]

Truth @ 15 fps Reaches the Tipping Point

The fictional video blog “Truth @ 15 Frames Per Second” that I made last year (started a few months before that other, more famous, fictional video blog) hit some sort of tipping point recently. The actual site, with monetized Revver videos, still only gets about 50 visitors a day, but YouTube is out of control. […]