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Macs and PCs, Avid and FCP

Computer software tends to create partisans. You have your Mac people and your PC people. Internet Explorer people and Firefox people. Avid people and Final Cut people. Well I think they’re all crazy. As for the Mac and PC camps, I use them both every day. I have to use Macs because the creative world […]

A.O. Scott Wants Me to Visit Film Forum More Often

A.O. Scott wrote an uncharacteristically inane piece for The New York Times over the weekend. If you’re reading this after the brief period of free online access, it’s basically about why nobody watches artsy, miserabilist foreign films in U.S. theaters anymore. But it’s based on really shaky ideas, starting with the title: “The World is […]

Sound Editing Fay Grim

Against my better judgment, in addition to the picture editing (see earlier post) I agreed to do the sound editing for Fay Grim under Hal Hartley’s direction. Sound editing is not my first love. I have some ability with it, but it doesn’t get me as excited as picture editing. Usually it makes me bored […]

Why make short films?

We are supposedly living in a new era of the short film. Short films had their place when a night at the movies included shorts, newsreels, and a feature or two. You could make a living with short films. But that hasn’t been the case in several decades. Now a movie is a feature film. […]

Post-Production Simplicity

This is the first in a series of posts I’m planning to write about some things I’ve learned while editing Fay Grim. The process so far has been wonderfully simple and enjoyable and I want to write down the specifics to remind myself how to do it, and maybe to help some other people who […]

All Videos on YouTube

Got all the videos up on YouTube this evening, and they have these great playlists. You can watch all my videos within this one post. It’s pretty neat, although there are definite sync problems with some or all of the clips. Unfortunately these things don’t always load right, so if you just see white, use […]

Tim McIntire doc online

I’ve been in what Tony Snow might call a pre-9/11 mindset lately, what with my finally getting together the Obey Saget project. To go along with my nostalgia trip I’ve also put all of Rev. Tim McIntire and the Temple of Comedy online. It was my first solo project, and I still like parts of […]

Projects Update

My various web ventures continue to proliferate: Obey Saget, a project I’ve wanted to get off the ground for about 5 years, is finally ready to go. I made this graphic to promote Bob Saget’s appearance in The BJ Show at Harvard in 2001, and we made up a small batch of shirts. I still […]

Trouble is Over

I’ve recovered kylegilman.net from a disappearing web host. Believe it or not, there are disreputable hosts out there, and sometimes their servers go down with no warning and they don’t answer their emails. You get what you pay for I guess. Anyway, never use Plughost.com because I’m fairly certain they stopped paying their bills a […]