Android YouTube App 2.1.6 Shows the Wrong Thumbnails

I have a new video on YouTube, and I have an Android phone (a Nexus One. Love it!) and so I wanted to check out how my video looked on my phone. So I pulled up the YouTube app and loaded my channel. I saw this:

Which confused me, because only one of those thumbnails is the right one. In fact, the app shows the third thumbnail generated by YouTube (3.jpg), regardless of the one I’ve chosen to display (default.jpg). Here are the thumbnails available for those videos with the one I’ve selected for display highlighted in yellow. It turns out even the one that looked right was right was the wrong one:

Using this method, you might get the right thumbnail 1/3 of the time, although it turns out I almost never use the 3rd thumbnail. And since I’m a YouTube Partner I often use a custom thumbnail, which makes the odds of getting the right thumbnail through the app even lower.

I checked with my fiancée, who recently bought a Droid Pro, and she saw all the correct thumbnails. It took me a while, but I figured out that she is running the stock Froyo YouTube app, and I had updated mine to 2.1.6 in the Market. I uninstalled updates, and got the right thumbnails.

When I re-installed the update, the bad thumbnails came back. Is anyone else seeing this bug?

Also, while I’m talking about YouTube thumbnails, they seriously need to increase the quality of thumbnails embedded in large windows. Compared to the bandwith and processing requirements of streaming HD video, it should be a piece of cake to generate and serve up higher resolution thumbnails to go along with the greatly increased video quality.

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