Takedown Notice! — In Which I Enforce My Copyright

10 minutes ago I got a Google Alert letting me know that Two Night Stand had been posted on Dailymotion. I went to the page, and the movie was there, posted by someone else. Now, I give that movie away to anyone who wants it, and Dailymotion seems like a fine place to have the video posted, but I don’t want it posted under someone else’s username. That’s re-distribution, and I don’t cotton to it. It’s nice that this person is interested enough to share the movie, but you can do that by embedding the video from any of the dozen or so sites where the film is legally available.

So I sent my First Takedown Notice Ever. Dailymotion has a very easy to find form and I told them I wanted my movie removed. I got an email back within a minute or two letting me know it was gone from the site. I checked, and it is indeed removed. I was really impressed. Thanks Dailymotion!

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  1. Matt
    Matt says:

    The poster wanted to share your video for others. Who wouldn’t? I love that film. I’d have to say it’s my favorite short of all time, including disney and pixar stuff. I completely understand wanting it in your name. You worked hard on something and would like to be recognized.

    Why don’t you set the example and post it over there yourself?

    Just an idea. I understand there are many reasons why you may or may not want to post it in another location.



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