Screenings of Two Night Stand

The first festival screenings of Two Night Stand are happening very soon. This Sunday, September 4 at 7pm my old friend the First Sundays Film Festival will show the film. It will be the first one of the evening. The festival has moved to The Pioneer Theater on East 3rd St at Ave A.

The Coney Island Film Festival has also accepted Two Night Stand and it will screen some time during the weekend of September 30-October 3. Details should come around September 9.

Back in Business

After a long break, my website is back at a new address. was nabbed by some freeloader out to make a buck when I forgot to renew the domain. They won’t sell for the price I’m willing to pay, so I’ve moved to

Cost to me: $10
Estimated cost to parasitic domain pirate: $39

I’ve also added an RSS feed at for those of you who are into that sort of thing.