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Some software

I’m not much of a programmer, but I was developing this website recently and I ran into a problem with the way it created enclosures for podcasting and I got so upset I went out and wrote this plugin. If you do any podcasting using WordPress I think you’ll enjoy it.

More podcast

Kalesius and Clotho and Camera Noise are now on the podcast.

Two Night Stand on the feed

I have a huge new web host and I’ve added Two Night Stand to my podcast feed. More will come in the next few days.


Will wonders never cease? Apparently you can subscribe to my “pod” “cast” feed using iTunes which will automatically download videos that I make available through it. Then you can sync it with your iPod and watch them on the subway (assuming you don’t live in New York. We don’t have subways this week) The feed […]

My first music video!

I just finished my first music video. Check it out! If you’re like most people, you might not have the new version of QuickTime. Sorry to make you do this, but you’ll need it to play this movie. The good news is you should be able to play this on the Video iPod you’re getting […]

Coney Island Film Festival schedule

Two Night Stand will screen at the Coney Island Film Festival on Sunday October 2 at 3pm at the Coney Island Museum 1208 Surf Ave. Also the day before on Saturday the 1st at 7pm, Jennie Tarr makes a reportedly brief appearance in Hot Lunch, a movie that was shot nearly 4 years ago. I […]

An award!

Last night Two Night Stand won the judge’s award at the First Sunday’s Film Festival. Fancy award graphic coming soon.

Screenings of Two Night Stand

The first festival screenings of Two Night Stand are happening very soon. This Sunday, September 4 at 7pm my old friend the First Sundays Film Festival will show the film. It will be the first one of the evening. The festival has moved to The Pioneer Theater on East 3rd St at Ave A. The […]

Back in Business

After a long break, my website is back at a new address. kylegilman.com was nabbed by some freeloader out to make a buck when I forgot to renew the domain. They won’t sell for the price I’m willing to pay, so I’ve moved to kylegilman.net Cost to me: $10 Estimated cost to parasitic domain pirate: […]