Written for Camera Noise 2/5/01 about a month before production started. Read once in class and never used again.

  1. Intro scene – Kyle films his girlfriend, there is a hint that maybe she is annoyed with it. He asks if she is, but she says not at all.
  2. Credits
  3. Kyle sets up the camera on a tripod and introduces himself. Lots of pretentious stuff about his mission to portray truth. Roommate comes in and interrupts the shot. Kyle tries to have a conversation with him on camera, but it’s awkward and goes on too long.
  4. Kyle hangs out with his friends (dining hall?) Sound is terrible, everyone is talking at once, impossible to make anything out. Scene goes on too long.
  5. Kyle and girlfriend again. Conversation about their relationship. Nowhere near as interesting as Ed Pincus’ relationship with his wife.
  6. Kyle shows a 2-hour rough cut to his professor. Professor hates it. Kyle vows to make a better movie.
  7. Kyle sets up camera on tripod and calls home to tell his parents he’s gay. They are very supportive. He is visibly disappointed.
  8. Kyle has a conversation about his film with a friend of his. Kyle complains that his life should be interesting on its own, just because it’s true. He reveals that he won’t be doing any work for the rest of the semester in an attempt to fail out of school. His friend suggests getting his girlfriend to break up with him on camera. Kyle thinks it’s ingenious.
  9. Series of attempts to have surreptitious sex with another woman. All of them fail in a humorous manner (See Play it Again, Sam)
  10. Kyle realizes that he doesn’t need to actually have an affair, he just needs to convince his girlfriend that he has.
  11. Shot of answering machine as message plays "Kyle, this is your mother, your father and I just want you to know that we support your decision, and we’d love to meet your new boyfriend. Call back soon."
  12. Kyle tells his girlfriend about his affair. She is upset at first, until she realizes he’s making it up for his film. She notices while he is changing mags that he’s only a bastard when the camera is on, and refuses to break up with him, since he obviously doesn’t have enough money to keep filming much longer.
  13. ?
  14. Kyle confesses to the camera how unhappy he is with the film. This is his last 50 feet, and nothing has really happened. He holds up his grade report, he got a B+ in every class. The film runs out mid-sentence.