Simpsons Editing GIFs

Frinkiac is an amazing resource that combines transcripts of every episode of The Simpsons with screengrabs and lets you make animated GIFs out of them. Here’s a collection of editing and filmmaking related Simpsons GIFs. I could make these all day.

Tightest 3 Hours and 10 Minutes on TV

I say this one a lot when a show is too long.

Dad, there are other wipes besides star-wipes

In college I used to claim whoever used the most star wipes would get the highest grade.

Just tell me what's wrong with the freakin show!

When I’m waiting for notes.


Trying to get the right sound effect.

Of course “Radioactive Man” offers endless material about making movies.

Modern editing techniquesSeamless your firedThat was perfect lets do it againDifferent angles again and againWell run that cable through here

Stupid TV Be More Funny

When you can’t make a joke work.

Worst episode ever

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