Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator Plugin Version 2.0 Released

Closing a number of security holes and adding some nifty UI enhancements like an encoding progress bar and animation during thumbnail generation, this is an important update and is strongly recommended for anyone using the Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator plugin.

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  1. rack
    rack says:

    I am in the process of moving from S9Y to WP.
    The main reason being I want thumbnails and titles (links) to the 8 video articles we post each day – embedded from various sources – to automatically go to a large block between the head and content.. And when we add a new article one scrolls off.
    I am new to WP and wonder if this plugin is the answer, or if not what is the answer.


  2. Hugo
    Hugo says:

    Hi Kyle,

    I have this lil issue with the z-index on chrome (windows). I have a fixed top bar and with chrome the z-index gets stubborn and the embed videos go over the top bar when I scroll. I tried to add the wmode=”transparent” but no luck. Do you know how to hack this? Thx in advance. Hugo

  3. Kyle
    Kyle says:

    We fixed Hugo’s problem, which is apparently common in Chrome. I’ll add it to the next version, but don’t count on that coming out soon enough.

    To fix it, find the line in video-embed-thumbnail-generator.php that says $params = “{allowfullscreen:’true’, allowscriptaccess:’always’, base:'”.plugins_url(“”, __FILE__).”/flash/’}”;

    change it to $params = “{wmode:’opaque’, allowfullscreen:’true’, allowscriptaccess:’always’, base:'”.plugins_url(“”, __FILE__).”/flash/’}”;

    • Kyle
      Kyle says:

      Yes, there were a LOT of changes to the media attachment pages in version 3.5. One of those changes broke the thumbnail generating and encoding. I have most of it figured out and will be releasing a compatible version soon.

  4. Kyle
    Kyle says:

    @Jon pretty much all video is horizontal (wider than it is tall). Am I misunderstanding what you’re looking for? You can use my plugin to play video at any size or format you want though.


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