Big Update to My Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator WordPress Plugin

In January I made a plugin for WordPress that generates thumbnails for videos posted online, and the proper HTML & JavaScript codes to embed those videos in a webpage. It has come in handy many times when I want to show a work-in-progress to a client, post dailies, or just embed a video on my blog. Writing it really helped me get a handle on the whole HTML5 video thing, which in summary is a big ugly mess.

The first version was really crude because I couldn’t figure out how to hook in to the WordPress Media Library, but it worked well enough for my purposes. I always wanted to go back in and make it more user-friendly, so for the past few weeks I’ve been revising the plugin to tap in to the built-in uploading and media management systems. Big thanks to Andy Blackwell for posting his great tutorial on the very important attachment_fields_to_edit hook. I learned a lot more about the WordPress plugin system, and finally put the plugin in their directory, which forced me to learn a few things about SVN, which is a clever if initially baffling system.

Anyway, I highly recommend the new version of this plugin if you’re doing any video embedding on your WordPress site. You don’t need FFMPEG if you just want a good system for posting videos you have hosted on your site, but if you do have FFMPEG on your server, you’ll get thumbnail generating and automatic HTML5/iPhone-compatible file encoding. It’s pretty neat.

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  1. PKRG
    PKRG says:

    Whaaat ? Big update and no big thank ?

    Damned !

    So, here I am : Very very very very veryyyy big thank you for your plugin and this update.

    I was looking for such a plugin for years and when I found it, I was trying to modify it in order to add it in the wordpress’s upload popup (in vain, I’m a noob)

    So now it’s perfect.

    Again, thanks a lot and happy new year 😉

  2. Erick
    Erick says:

    THANK YOU! for developing this plugin. It has the functionality that only and Editor would know to include. Generating thumbnail images, brilliant!

    A helpful companion plugin that I found is called Add From Server:

    It allows large files that have been uploaded to the wp-content/uploads folder using an FTP program to show up the Media Library.
    This is a way to get around the limits placed by web hosts on max file upload sizes.

    I am not the developer of this plugin. However, the combination of the two plugins has made my life so much easier.

    Hope this info will help others.

    Thanks, again!

  3. barbara
    barbara says:

    Hi Kyle

    is there any way to change the design of the player you have the original FLA?
    I tried using xml but it did not work for other commands

    Al the best


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