Will wonders never cease? Apparently you can subscribe to my “pod” “cast” feed using iTunes which will automatically download videos that I make available through it. Then you can sync it with your iPod and watch them on the subway (assuming you don’t live in New York. We don’t have subways this week)

The feed URL is http://feeds.feedburner.com/kylegilman which you can subscribe to in iTunes by clicking on the “Advanced” menu and selecting “Subscribe to Podcast” Copy the address into the little box that opens up and you’re on your way.

or this button might work:

Right now there are two short pieces on the feed, but I’m hoping to add all of my movies once I get a better host who can handle all that data. Don’t subscribe from a dialup connection unless you like waiting. (Sorry Mom)

My first music video!

I just finished my first music video. Check it out!

If you’re like most people, you might not have the new version of QuickTime. Sorry to make you do this, but you’ll need it to play this movie.

The good news is you should be able to play this on the Video iPod you’re getting for Christmas. So use this link to save it. I think that will work anyway. It’s a new thing, and my iPod Shuffle doesn’t even have a screen, so I’m a little behind.

If you like the music, check out Hartley’s website or buy his EP.