It’s Episode Two!

It’s been over a year in the making, but Episode Two of my planned decade-spanning animated time travel web series “Time Travellin'” is finally finished. Take a look at “A Common Misconception”

I learned a lot about animation by doing this, and I’m hoping the next one comes a little quicker. But if I keep getting all this paid work, it’s going to take forever.

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  1. pfkaok
    pfkaok says:

    wow. This took over a year. Are you kidding. Time travel is such a great and interesting concept, and you took a year to make 2 minutes of dumb blabbering with 2 of yourself animated poorly. And it doesn’t even make sense. If you’re going to do bad animation, at least take note from these guys called Trey Parker and Matt Stone, at least they are clever and can work quickly


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