A Deleted Shot from Camera Noise

I was cleaning out my closet yesterday and I found a VHS tape of the original 31-minute version of Camera Noise. It’s currently at a lean 29 minutes, and I was curious if there were any gems in there that I cut just to get the length down. It turns out I was definitely right to cut out everything I did, and of course the whole thing is almost unbearably long. But here’s a fun little bit from what’s still the best scene I ever shot.

Is Vuze No Longer Generating Revenue For Me?

I can’t imagine many people made money from the Vuze HD Network. But I happened to pull in some serious, much-appreciated cash from the fluke popularity of Two Night Stand last summer. I earned back production costs of the film in a single quarter. Vuze was one of the only user-generated content networks to do pre-rolls with payments that didn’t require clicking on the ads. But now with the latest release of the Vuze client, the HD Network has turned into a collection of RSS feeds for stuff like Rocketboom & the Onion News Network; content producers who don’t need any help getting hits. My videos still show up if you do a specific Google search, but I can’t see any way to just stumble across them while browsing, either in the client or on the web. And I no longer see any pre-roll advertisements. I used to see a few dozen seeds for Two Night Stand at any given time, but in the past week that’s dropped to 7. Vuze really seemed to be attempting to bring something worthwhile and legitimate with the Bittorrent platform, but I guess it didn’t work. It’s a sad end to a noble experiment.

A Strange Image in A Nightmare on Elm Street

In honor of Halloween, we had some friends over last night and we watched Young Frankenstein followed by A Nightmare on Elm Street. Halfway through Nightmare, we noticed an amazing poster on the wall behind the doctor at the sleep institute.

Nightmare on Elm St Cat Poster


Yes, that’s a giant cat riding a cable car in San Francisco. There was also a dogs playing poker tapestry in the basement where Mr. Krueger met his original end, but we didn’t get a picture of that one. Nice work, set dressers!