HVX-200 SD 24p on P2 Cards — No Reverse Telecine?

A couple weeks ago I was working on a job that was shot on P2 cards with the HVX-200. The cameras were recording 24p SD. I logged and transferred and got 29.97 NTSC DV clips, as expected. When I tried to do a reverse telecine, I got nothing. If I selected a clip then clicked on “Tools/Cinema Tools Reverse Telecine” it opened Cinema Tools but the clip was not processed. If I opened the clip in Cinema Tools, the option to do a reverse telecine was grayed out. When I stepped through the clips they were clearly 24p video with 2:3 pulldown. If I ran them through Compressor and used reverse telecine to deinterlace in the frame control tools, I got what I was after, but that seems like it would be unnecessary.

We worked everything out by shooting 24pa, but I’m still not sure why I can’t do a reverse telecine in Cinema Tools on 24p footage shot on P2 cards. I did a test and set the HVX-200 to record 24p (not 24pa) onto DV tape. I captured it as DV-NTSC, and I had no trouble doing a reverse telecine in Cinema Tools. The situation seems to be confined to 24p material shot on P2 cards. What is it about 24p footage shot on P2 cards as opposed to DV tapes that makes reverse telecine difficult?

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  1. Doug
    Doug says:

    Ran into this same problem… The odd bit is that a few of the clips actually did reverse, but they looked horrible.

    I used JES Deinterlacer to reverse the clips, and they all went through beautifully, but the timecode is screwy. Yikes.


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