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Making MP4 H.264 Videos in Apple Compressor

UPDATE June 2013: This method will work but it’s likely to cause playback problems with Android devices. Android officially only supports up to Baseline profile and it’s hard to control the profile of videos encoded with Compressor. If you’re concerned about Android compatibility, I highly recommend Handbrake. Unless there’s a specific need for something else, I […]

The Thunderbolt Logo Looks Like Electricity

Apple just announced the Thunderbolt port on its new Macbook Pros. Thunderbolt is a dumb name, but so is Firewire if you think about it, which I never had before. And it’s better than its old Intel code name Light Peak, which was no longer accurate because the first generation of Thunderbolt cables don’t use […]

Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator WordPress Plugin

Still 100% free, but some advanced features will be converted to premium add-ons in the future. More info in the support forum. A plugin for the WordPress visual editor to make embedding videos, generating thumbnails, and encoding HTML5-compliant files a little bit easier. Download from  Installation Upload the entire video-embed-thumbnail-generator folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Activate the plugin through […]

Tips for Double System Audio in FCP

These days you can record great on-camera audio on many cameras. But there are lots of reasons to still record audio separately even if it’s just a backup. Today I’ll be discussing workflows that only use separate audio recording; the classic double system film workflow. Start by finding all the visual slates. This is pretty […]

Android YouTube App 2.1.6 Shows the Wrong Thumbnails

I have a new video on YouTube, and I have an Android phone (a Nexus One. Love it!) and so I wanted to check out how my video looked on my phone. So I pulled up the YouTube app and loaded my channel. I saw this: Which confused me, because only one of those thumbnails […]

Watch Two Night Stand Two

Just finished today! It’s been six years, and Jennie and Steve are waking up in bed together again. Why does this keep happening? And in case you need a refresher, here’s what happened six years ago. Sorry about the fuzzy video. YouTube is a lot better now. Wow! I didn’t even plan those shots to […]